Class Overview

Age group: For swimmers in stages 7-13 Time: 45 minutes Location: All

Our squad program caters for swimmers in levels 7-12 of the swim and survive program. This program focuses on continued stroke development and endurance training, as well as the introduction of advanced strokes such as butterfly and sidestroke. The students are introduced to the pace clock and familiarised with the skills needed for competition and race formats, such as racing starts, turns and finishes. The squad program also focuses heavily on safety and teaches skills such as basic resuscitation and pool lifesaving. This also prepares students for the Junior Lifesaving program .Our squad lessons run every afternoon Monday – Friday and have a class maximum of 8 children. Classes are split depending on swimmer levels.

Class Times

Mon - Sun Timetable, Subject to Availability
8.00am – 12pm
8.00am – 12pm

Level Overview

What’s the Swim School Levels Mean

Classes are split depending on student levels.
The available classes are level 7/8, 9/10 and 11+.

Level 7 – Intermediate

This is the first level of our Squads program. All basic strokes learnt in the Learn to Swim program are fine-tuned and the student’s stamina and speed is focused on. The eggbeater kick and feet-first sculling are introduced also, as well as more complex safety and survival skills than they have previously learned.

Level 8 – Water Wise

As well as continuing to master all the basic strokes, two new advanced strokes are introduced in level 8. Dolphin kick is taught to get students ready for butterfly and sidestroke is introduced as an advanced survival stroke. Swimmers in this level work on swimming longer distances continuously using different strokes and have a complex safety sequence to complete during our safety week.

Level 9 – Senior

Basic butterfly is introduced in level 9 and swimmers must complete a 10m swim using this stroke to pass this part of their level. Endurance is worked on even more and distances are increased for all the basic swimming strokes in their continuous swim. Tumble-turns are introduced also, as well as the basic principles of resuscitation and more complex safety and survival skills including different types of rescue techniques.

Level 10 – Junior Swim and Survive

Butterfly is mastered in level 10 and all other strokes must be perfect to pass this level. A complex survival swim is completed and swimmers are assessed on different types of rescues and water safety knowledge. Different types of dives and shallow water entries and exits are also introduced.

Level 11 – Swim and Survive

Entries and exits are further developed and deep water exercises are introduced. Endurance and distance are focused on for freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, survival backstroke, sidestroke and butterfly and an even longer and more complex survival swim must be completed to pass this level. Two new rescue techniques are introduced in level 11 and more water safety knowledge is taught and talked about.

Level 12 – Senior Swim and Survive

Different diving techniques are mastered in level 12. All strokes learned in previous levels are assessed individually over longer distances and the survival swim is even more complex than in level 11. Two new rescue types are introduced in this level and swimmers will gain more water safety knowledge.

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