Does your child….

  • Struggle to master a specific skill or skills in their current group swimming class?
  • Not get the amount of important one-on-one time with their instructor during group swimming lessons?
  • Need to pass their current swimming level to get into a club or school swim team?
  • Want to progress through the swimming levels up to twice as quickly as participating in-group swimming lessons?
  • Have a lack of confidence in and around water?
  • Have a physical or mental disability where they need 100% of the instructor’s attention in a swimming lesson?
  • Misbehave with other children in group swimming lessons?

…Then private swimming lessons at The Swim School WA are exactly what your child needs!

We offer one-on-one private swimming lessons to all swimmers at all three of our centres, Merriwa, Ocean Reef and Wangara. These lessons are half an hour (Infant Aquatics and Learn to Swim) or 45 minutes (Squads) and can be booked in either before our regular shifts begin or at the end of our regular shifts in the mornings or afternoons. This means your child will be learning in a quiet environment, giving them the perfect opportunity to maximise their learning and development in the water.

Private swimming lessons at The Swim School WA are more expensive than regular group lessons but the benefits your child will receive means that your money is definitely well spent. To enquire about private swimming lessons for your child or for any more information please give us a call:

Merriwa: 9305 2000

Ocean Reef: 9300 8202

Wangara: 6406 1923