Aquatic Safety Talks

Do you take your little one to a playgroup, parenting group or pre-kindy program? Or do you have a lot of friends and/or family with pools? We have a fantastic offer for you and the other parents/carers!

Because we are a local swim school, we are invested in our local community and together with Royal Life Saving we are working to get to Zero drownings in children under 5 years old. To make this become a reality, we are now offering FREE AQUATIC SAFETY TALKS to all parenting groups, playgroups, Pre-Kindy groups or any other group of interested people in the greater area of Merriwa, Ocean Reef and Wangara.

One of our experienced Infant Aquatics Teachers will host a 30 minute interactive talk on Aquatic Safety and leave you with some nice gifts at the end.

We can come to you, or if you are worried you don’t have a suitable location, you can come to our Wangara Swim School where you have the added bonus of getting a free swimming lesson after the Safety Talk with our AUSTSWIM qualified instructors.

In our Safety Talk we will be talking about the how to keep your children safe in and around water. Some of the points we will talk about are:

  • Supervision (What is active supervision and how to put that in place in and around water)
  • Restricting Access (A lively discussion about how persistent young children can be when it comes to water)
  • Water Awareness (How you can be more aware of where accidents are more likely to happen and how to talk to your children in different age groups about respect for the water)
  • CPR (The importance of knowing how to perform CPR and First Aid in any situation)

Our Safety Talks are not a lecture where you just sit down and listen. We welcome your input, your stories, your experience with children and water. Our talks are a platform to openly discuss the hazards of living with water with other parents and carers and by doing so creating a safer environment for our children to grow up in.

If you would like us to come and talk at your group or you want some more information, give us a call on 0406 810 655 or send an e-mail to